Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 10

1. I want to make sure my students understand:
A. That items inputted online through emails, Facebook, etc. can never really be erased so be careful! Watch what pictures are posted by you or even by friends, some may seem fun now yet later it could mean not getting that dream job or promotion.
B. Not everything they search and find first is right or truthful. Always look at more than two sources or be sure that the writer of the information is cited and creditable.
C. Never share information even as adults, you never know if the person reading is bigger/meaner than you.

2. Brain Pop videos on computer etiquette are awesome.They get right to the point and do so in a way that is not mean and kid friendly.

3. When searching for answers to questions during class, the Activ board needs to be at square one so the students can not only watch me enter info in to search engines but also see the reality that pops do occur and not to open them. Along with on going dialogue that narrates the steps that I am doing. Once the class and I have done this a few times, it is their turn to search for items online for the class to walk them through.

4. informing parents can be done several different ways: Parent Night, Blog postings of events to watch for, as well as assignments that require online research to be done with parent assistance (signature) that way both the parent and student learn/observe the online world together.

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