Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 2

1. Diigo:
This site is great! I really like that you can not only access info found on the laptop but also portable devices (iPhone, iPad). I can really see literature circles taking off and even moving to longer discussions that can be done outside of class by having students and teachers highlight, discuss specific portions, and even tag articles that justify certain views during discussions. This is one that I really would like to try not only in the classroom but also at home in order to keep all project ideas, hobby info, and interest reads together.
2. Google Reader:
At first this site is not as user friendly I think as other Google sites. Once I started searching my own topics however, it is turning out to be more interesting. My favorite one, (I even subscribed) was when I entered middle school language arts and got The Reading Zone. This one not only catalogs a teachers way of explaining certain books but also has feeds and reviews of other popular titles. Very helpful in swimming through all the new young adult books out there to find a review that can be helpful in the school setting in not only pairing a book with a child but also background info of the authors to tell kids.
I have also joined Book-A-Day Almanac that not only gives a summary of the book but also sample pages of books for middle school students.
3. The blogs I visited were: The Nerdy Book Club :,, and
All the blogs were very useful in giving opinions about books as well as insight on how or when to read certain books discussed. 
4. I am not worried or scared about sharing information on the sites that I found since all them are reviews/insights into books that are read by middle school students. I did not share any thoughts at this time since I had not read the books that the bloggers were actively discussing.  I do not or will not feel comfortable on sites that describe the teacher's day teaching and their comments on their students whether it is positive of negative.(as seen/reported on news)

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