Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 4

1/2. I have in the past and currently this summer sent and received Google docs. Thus far I have in the past coordinated with 4 other family members on an itinerary for our family summer vacation. We created a Google doc, share it, and then add or delete activities per day of the vacation. This also works for our expense report of the trip so everyone can see where the money if coming from and if everyone has contributed a shared amount.
In work, I have received our campus calendar and have in the past shared lesson plans/activities that have been edited depending on the items needing to be added or deleted from the lesson.
3. In the classroom, Google docs can be used from the classroom to the home. I am excited to try paper writing by starting a paper in class and then sharing the document with the students to complete at home on various nights. having the students assigned on different nights will allow more editing and hopefully ideas to develop.

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