Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 11

1.I think my favorite tool is going to be trying out Skype with authors. I think it will be really enjoyable and different to interact with the author of the book the students are reading and be able to ask questions on why an author wrote what they did.

2. I think the school year is going to be very full. I hope it will not be hard to integrate all the technology. I think in some cases it may be that the amount of information of a topic will be too great and overwhelming. Hopefully it will not topple over and drown not only me in trying to wade through all the great tools but also scare off some reluctant learners. 

3. I was actually surprised with how many of the tools and apps I am already using at home and in school. It makes me feel very confident and hopeful that I can combine all learning styles and sites together effectively.

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