Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 6

1.One of the tools that I really like and use is Skype. My family and I have been using this and it is alot of fun and extremely useful since my sister lives in New Zealand. By using Skype we get to not only talk to each other but also see each other. We also use our cameras to walk around and show the scenery/houses to each other.

I can really see this being useful in the classroom by having a sister school in other states/countries converse over specific topics that are unique to their geographic location.

2. I am very interested in the poll everywhere site. I like that we do not have to keep up with Activ Votes or other district materials, it is solely student materials. That also being said, i do have to make sure that all my students have access to the needed materials.
The multiple choice is neat however, I really like the availability to have a text answer for up to 32 students so the questions could be more open ended/ thought provoking.
Poll Everywhere

I think both of these programs would encourage participation due to the availability of technology and meeting people from somewhere else. The option of being able to use their own materials would be a big plus to many students.

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