Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 3

I am going to embed one personal and one professional video:

This was made with my two daughters (9 and 7) and the cousins (11 and 9). It just shows you how much the younger generations know about technology!

2. I picked this video because I like the way that the things I watched in the past are still used and loved today. That even though we have cartoon network, nick., and many other children shows Cookie Monster is still recognizable and loved by all. (who doesn't like cookies?)

3. Copyright and Fair Use: I found this video/concept very interesting and wide ranging. I thought this because one of the main points of Fair Use is to ask yourself if I added value. That seems very subjected to public/personal opinion. As in the first video I posted from my kids and nieces, they used a country song and to them added value and purpose but to others even the artist may not agree. Thoughts?

4. Dropbox:
This seems very much like Google docs. I can download documents and share them with anyone I choose.
This could be very helpful in papers that my students write, I can drop their papers in and then grade them on any device that is convenient to me. I could even have a folder per topic in my classroom and add folders/pictures/examples/Activ activity so during the lesson I can just open the folder in order to have all materials right there.

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