Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool 9

1. I think it is important to tie technology  to the objective because everything we do in the real world is tied to technology. Therefore in order for students to internalize that what they are learning is important and relevant, technology needs to a part of it. Without that vital piece many would think that they are never going to use or need what they are learning about.

2. We need to hold students accountable for the stations just like every thing else we do in class. Being able to answer test questions is not enough, the stations provide students and teachers that opportunity to really use technology in a real world application and the student is needed to understand how it works, relates, and functions so then they can take that activity and recall it later when needed.

3. Websites:
1. Big Huge Labs - this would be a great way to showcase a novel read and use technology to make it great.
2. Dvolover - looks very user friendly with step by step instructions on how to create a movie, comic strip. Can easily be adapted to a book report on either the main character, main idea, or extension or beyond the book.

4. Apps:
1. MadLibs - I like this app due to the various words needed. - I would have this as a half station or two part station - one half/ part is to play the game, second half/part would be to create their own MadLib and complete with a partner on google docs or written to turn in.
2. On This Day...
This app is just interesting listing the events and births that occurred on a specific day.
I would use this as a warm-up or free write station in which on could pick a random date, look at  the result and then create a story or research a topic that they found the most interesting on that date. One could either type, paper/pen it, or even iTalk record their story.(Thus using multiple apps at one sitting)

5. I really see my students not only using the apps provided and found for educational purposes but also using some at team building activities. There are a lot of apps out their that are starting to be able to link devices to one another so you can play together. One of my family's favorites is a pictionary spin-off where one person/group is given the word to draw and the other device has to guess the picture by only seeing the picture being drawn on their device and type in the word. What an awesome team building/working together activity!

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